Here’s the article in The Shelby News Section of the Birmingham News. “The Art of Parenthood” by Veronica Kennedy. Published Wednesday, November 16th, 2011. Read it online here.

Here’s a close up:


Veronica Kennedy, a writer for The Birmingham News, has composed a wonderful article featuring the story of my paintings on NBC’s Parenthood!

If you missed it, it’ll be printed again in the following Wednesday’s paper in The Shelby News section. I hope you enjoy!

My Art on Parenthood!

This past July, I received an Etsy message from Andria, the Art Department Coordinator for Parenthood requesting to purchase one of my paintings for the set of their show Parenthood. As you can imagine, I was absolutely stunned in disbelief. I must have read that message three times before it hit me.

Later in the day, they bought three more! After I shipped them off to Hollywood, I emailed Andria to find out if they (1) knew where the decorator, Julieann Getman, was planning to use the paintings and (2) how in the world they found me! Andria told me she had no idea where Ms. Getman found me but she was 99% sure they planned to hang the paintings in the character Julia’s house! This made me extremely excited as there has been a ton of press about the décor in her house from seasons past plus Julia’s house is amazing.

So fast forward three months. It’s Friday night and I’m exhausted from setting up for Kentuck Art Festival the whole day. My husband and I sit down to eat dinner on the couch with our TV trays (a frequent tradition in the Gordon household) and catch up on our DVR’ed shows. We start to watch Parenthood. It’s five or six episodes into the 3rd season. Halfway through the episode, I spot the little 8”x8”x3” organelle paintings in Julia’s kitchen!! Of course I spazz out in excitement and scream and do all of the dorky things that people do.

(Below is a newer picture that I have added since I wrote this blog – this is from the episode: “Mr. Honesty” http://www.nbc.com/parenthood/video/mr-honesty/1369996/)

We watch the rest of the episode and then my 30”x30”x1.5” Organelle Painting shows up in the previews for the following week’s episode, “Tales from the Luncheonette”!

So be sure to watch Parenthood to see my paintings, it’ll air this Tuesday from 9pm – 10pm/CST on NBC!

Here’s some pictures of the paintings more close up:

30"x30" Painting in Julia's Den


If you can’t watch it, it’ll be on nbc.com/parenthood the following day!

I’ll be spazzing out jumping all over the room – I hope you will, too. Here’s to us dorks!

Check out my online shop, too! www.susanbdennis.etsy.com

Kentuck Art Festival held in Northport, Alabama, is featured in the October issue of Southern Living! It is one of the most unique art events and is rated number six on the chart of best festivals in the country.  Plus, Northport, Alabama has such a quaint downtown with shops, restaurants and lots of beautiful curbside appeal.

The festival is on Saturday, October 15th, 16th, 2011, and costs $10 to get in. I’ll be at spot #A38. Here are some driving directions. Here is a map of the festival.

Here’s some of what I’ll have for sale!

24”x48” Dandelions in Blue. $450. This is one of the best sizes for a long wall or for an area over a couch or bed.

8”x8”x3” organelles. $125/each. This series of abstract paintings are inspired by nature, microscopic images of organic materials, constellations, and diagrams of organic processes. No two pieces are alike and I love to mix and match these. A set of five above a bed or a set of three down a skinny wall work great! Square sets of nine or sixteen make a bold and modern statement – this is my personal favorite way to display these little “box-like” paintings!

The awesome staff at Aloft hotel in the Soho district of Homewood have warmly invited a couple of artists in Birmingham to exhibit in their lobby for the next six months and guess who is one of those artists!!!

The unveiling is Wednesday, October 5th from 5:00pm – 8:00pm in the lobby of Aloft hotel. There will be complimentary hors d’ouevres, beverages and a fun band.  Here’s the address.

Aloft Hotel is Soho is one of my favorites because: 1. It’s a pet-friendly boutique hotel that supports local artists! 2. It’s super modern and colorful. 3. It’s walking distance from our home.

So I’ll be rotating work in and out throughout the duration of the exhibit but here’s what I’ll have up first:

44”x44”x3” Floral Painting. $750. I’m revisiting an old favorite but taking it from a pair of paintings to one big one. I’ve totally gotten into gardening this year so this is my artistic response to all of the inspiration I’ve gathered from digging in the dirt!


16”x16”x1.5” Abstract Paintings – set of four.  $125/each. These are smaller versions of some of my new works that I am soooo excited about. I’m loving cool, minty blues as a contrast to all the warm fall tones this fall.

12”x36”x1.5” Green Orchid Pair – set of two. $375 for the pair. Another old favorite that I am revisiting. This mixed media piece is layered with gorgeous decorative paper that I used for my wedding programs, metallic paint, and organic brown glaze.  This is one of my favorite pieces to make!

So come see me at Aloft Hotel on Wednesday, October 5th, from 5:00 – 8:00pm! Can’t wait!

I’m so excited because the 48th Annual Bluff Park Art Festival is coming up Saturday, October 1st! For several years, I’ve enjoyed the festival as a visitor and for the first time this year, I’ll get to experience it as a vendor. Bluff Park Art Festival is one of the most loved, most well-attended festivals in Birmingham. Over 30,000 visitors come each year so needless to say, it’s going to be fun to meet some new friends!

The festival opens at 9am, so come, bring your family, your dogs, and stop by and see me! I’ll be on Row R at spot R12. Here’s a map of the festival. Here’s some driving directions.

One of the newest creative endeavors that I am most excited about is my new line of works on paper. These are original paintings on archival acrylic paper. They’re matted in 2-ply (gallery style) matt board and come in two sizes: 16”x20” and 8”x10”. Both sizes are suited for a standard size frame.


I bought this frame on Amazon.com and love it! I have six of them over my couch – see! (apologies for the crappy iphone 3 photo)

Birmingham Artwalk is coming up Friday & Saturday, September 9 & 10

Artwalk 2011: 10th Anniversary Juried Art Show
Friday, September 9 at 5:00pm – September 10 at 6:00pm
Downtown Birmingham: Morris, 1st & 2nd Avenues N

Click here to see where I’ll be located.
Click here for more info.

Click on picture for more info.