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I have to credit my friend Kate and my husband for my recent interest in leafy things. Last year, I tested my thumb out on basil. I managed to kill it, bring it back to life, and then kill it again for good. After a little coaching from Kate, my mom and Jace’s mom, I hope to have better luck this time round.

Here’s what I’ve started with:


Sweet Basil



Heirloom Tomatoes

And I created a potted schmorgesborg of plants & flowers for the front porch.

Elephant Ear

Trailing Burgundy

Asparagus fern

Purple Moon Torenia

Dazzler Burgundy Impatiens

New Guinea Impatiens

That’s it so far. The next project is our front yard. We have some older, leggy bushes and we’re hoping to fill the space inbetween with something in a contrasting color. Suggestions are welcomed!


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