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I have had an absolute ball getting back into pottery this past year. I think most artists would agree the most fun part of creating is the designing. Creating the same thing over and over can be a little brain numbing. I have (I think) two major influences on my designs.

Number one.

Textile designs: fabrics, tiles, patterns…I like how they bring a sense of structure to a piece. Here are some of my favorites.trellis ikat1 ikat2 quatrefoil

Number two.

My french heritage. One of my favorite stories is about my great grandmother, Palmyra Doutreluigne, who was born in France and immigrated to America with her family when she was a teenager. They came to work in the textiles industry (YEP!) but were misled to believe that moving to America automatically meant that they would become wealthy. While in America, Palmyra met French Canadian Emile Turcotte and fell in love. Sadly, she and her family had to move back to France to get better work. In the meantime, Emile and Palmyra continued to correspond. Sometime later, Emile saved up enough money to send Palmyra back to the states on the Red Star Line and marry her.

They had two children, Irene, and my grandfather, Albert. My grandmother, Albert’s wife, Lucinda, was a master quilter. She won many awards in her lifetime and I’m lucky enough to have inherited one of her fine quilts. She had an entire room in their small three bedroom house dedicated entirely to her sewing hobby and when I was growing up, I would play in there for hours. After she passed, I inherited her sewing chair. It now has a home in my studio, and I think of her every time I sit at it.

My mother carried on the French aesthetic and always aspired to fill our home with what she called “French country”. I love that she embraced her heritage. I tried to learn French as a kid…I wish I had stuck with it.

I love all things French flea market. Here are some of my recent finds online that I aspire to translate into my pottery:

pottery inspiration

IDEAS: Over the top ornate handles with sleek designs. Hobnail and beaded details. Texture, pattern, mix and match designs. Odes to antiquity. Odes to nature. AND IN ALL WHITE! What do you think? Now all I need to figure out is which white. Oh boy. Guess I need to make some test tiles.








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