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Sometimes you get in such a groove with painting and creating that you start to feel like the flow is so strong that you’ll burst if you can’t create fast enough.

Here are some of my favorite latest creations…some of these are sold so email me if you’re interested in one of them and I’ll create something special just for you!

Three beaded Lattice-Pattern round nesting bowls in Celadon, Mint, and Caramel.

Three beaded Lattice-Pattern round nesting bowls in Celadon, Mint, and Caramel.

10″ Square Beaded Lattice Pattern Platter and Dip bowl in Celadon

10″ Square Beaded Lattice Pattern Platter in Celadon

7″ Scalloped round salad/dessert plate with burlap texture in temmoku

7″ Scalloped round salad/dessert plate with burlap texture in temmoku. Bottom is caramel chocolate

16″ Round Beaded Grandmother’s Lace Wavy Platter in Celadon

16″ Round Beaded Grandmother’s Lace Wavy Platter in Celadon

10″ Square beaded Trellis Platter in Mint Chocolate

10″ Square beaded Trellis Platter in Mint Chocolate

 and here are two new paintings…It has been such fun to create these. I love how playful and free they are.

40″x40″x2″ “The Water Feels Good” Acrylic on Gallery Edge Canvas

36″x36″x2″ “The Water Feels Good” acrylic on Gallery-edge canvas


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I’ll be setting up my solo show this week at Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment 3rd Floor gallery. The space is absolutely beautiful – here is a couple of pictures of the space with another artist’s work…(please excuse the crappy iphone photo).

I really love the enormous windows, exposed brick and aged wood floors. This will be the second solo show of my career – I have a ton of paintings and I hope to have a ton of pottery, too.

So you might be wondering what exactly is Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment? Historically, it was an old cotton textile mill opened in 1901 by Arthur Lowe. Now, it’s one of the most unique and largest centers for the arts in North Alabama (approximately 100,000 sq. ft.!). They have 100 spaces rented out to artists, artisans, musicians, glass blowers, printmakers, metal workers, furniture makers…you name it, they’ve got it. They also have a theatre called the Flying Monkey and they have regular “Concerts on the Dock”. Their vision is to be a true arts destination and to grow Huntsville’s appreciation and interaction with the arts.

So I promised more pictures of pottery that will be for sale at the show. Ok, folks, let me know what you think!

Trellis rectangle platter – 7.5″x3″ in caramel & chocolate glaze

My grandmother’s Lace wavy platter in Sage & Chocolate – 10″ diameter

Set of Soup/Salad bowls in Seaspray & Caramel Chocolate with a Trellis & Lattice surprise! 8″

I love the trellis pattern underneath!

Ruffles & Pearls bowl in seaspray and caramel chocolate. 12″ diameter (approx) by 8″ height (approx)

My solo show opens Friday, May 11th and the opening reception will be from 6:00 – 8:00pm. We’ll celebrate with some delicious treats and of course wine!

Here’s a link with a map and directions to Lowe Mill:


Hope to see you there!

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Do you ever find yourself doing something and say to yourself, “What are you doing?! You know you do not have time to be doing this right now!!” This is definitely one of those moments. I’m such a rebel.

The next couple of weeks are going to be a test of my time management skills for sure. I had a show last weekend (Mountain Brook Art Association Spring Show), I have a show this weekend (Magic City Art Festival), and I am setting up for the second solo show of my art career the following weekend. I must be crazy.

On top of that, I am moving out of my studio on Oxmoor Rd and will set most of my stuff up in my basement. My unfinished, moisture-rich and camel cricket-filled basement. Oh joy. On the positive side, my studio will be at my own home where I don’t have to pay rent!! So here’s a WOOP for that!

So far, I’ve set up my kiln, my pottery wheel, and a make-shift production table AKA the card table and the tops of my washer and dryer. Last week, I was able to fire my first glaze fire and the test results came out fabulous might I say so myself!

I’ll be using three clay bodies, all stoneware, in three colors: Snow White, Wild Turkey (a beautiful warm tan color), and Chocolate Brown. I don’t know who names these clay bodies, but they must be brilliant…Wild Turkey?!?…hilarious.

Here’s a teaser preview of the some of the plates and platters and other fun things I’ll be making:

More full pictures will be coming once everything is complete in just a few weeks! Ok gotta get back in the mud. Happy making to me!

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I heart fairhope.

Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival was this past weekend and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Fairhope is one of my new favorite places to visit – I’m sure I’ll be back again soon. My booth was at the corner of De La Mare and Section Street.

One of my favorite parts about doing Art Festivals is seeing people you know and talking to the people who come in to your tent. I got to reconnect with several people that I hadn’t seen in years! My dear friend from high school, Carey O’Neal Locklear, was able to come and see me. She and I got to catch up and she even took the time and energy to pray for me (with me, right at the festival!). What a refreshing person she is!!

Sometimes, you meet so many people that they all kind of blurr together in this whirlwinded foggy memory. And I hear a lot of stories. Sometimes they are light-hearted and conversational; sometimes they are deeply personal and even involve tears.

Before I share one of these particular stories, let me give you some background about me and why I use strange names for my paintings such as “organelles” or “constellation” or “oxygen”. Some of my biggest inspirations come from things that go unobserved on a day to day basis. Tiny intricacies of how our bodies work on a microscopic level and enormous movements and phenomena in outer space. I devour images of cell parts, images of plant structures, diagrams of physics phenomena, and images from the hubble space telescope website. Maybe you’re grossed out or wierded out as you read this. It’s probably the right reaction. Nevertheless, you can’t tell me that these images are not interesting.

I asked a lady I met this weekend, Katie, if I could share her story. She is an open book so of course she said yes. Katie has triplets but was supposed to have quadruplets. Two of her triplets were in one amniotic sac and have learning disabilities. One of her triplets was in its own sac and is typical. All are identical. At one point in her pregnancy, the doctor found four heartbeats. Later in her pregnancy, the doctor found only three. Yet, no little baby “matter” was found when she gave birth. So what happened to that fourth baby? Did the doctor mistakenly detect four heartbeats? Her triplets are identical which would indicate that at one point she had quadruplets with only three surviving the pregnancy. Did one egg split twice at mitosis? Three times? It doesn’t quite come together.

She told me that geneticists and doctors can’t explain to her why or how or what happened. She shared with me that through this process, God has taken her to a whole new place spiritually. She explained that she is the biggest control freak EVER and experiencing all of this really brought her to her knees. But it is has been in that place of absolutely being at the end of her rope, that new life was able to spiritually birth itself within her. We agreed that that is the ONLY place that new life can be created within us! When we are just at the end of ourselves, ready to stop trying to be in control, ready to just say, OK God, have your way in me! This is when God breathes new life, refreshing air, OXYGEN into our souls!!!

I truly believe that God created us, that human beings, all the universe, was not an accident or a just a set of chain reactions. The more I learn and observe, the more I become convinced of this.

“For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.” – Psalm 139: 13 – 14.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” – Genesis 1:1

After Katie told me her story, she looked around my tent and said, “Do you have one about mitosis?!”. I didn’t. But Lyons Share, a gallery in Fairhope that carries my work, did. And they were right around the corner from my booth. She purchased my painting Genetics, a piece inspired by the DNA strand and the process of mitosis. The story about her triplets will always be a mystery but she told me that Genetics will always be a reminder that God is in control and that we can have peace in this fact, here, now. It’s so encouraging when someone really “gets” your work and understands how you tick. It gives you a sense that God is actually able to use you to accomplish His purposes…that your artistic voice, your vocation can be a source of light and hope to people in this mysterious life.

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New Etsy Shop!


I’m so excited because I’ve started an endeavor that has been brewing in me for a long time. I’ve started a whole new Etsy shop that will feature archival prints of my digital art. I love love love to create using silhouettes, patterns, and colors. Right now, I’m obsessed with chandelier silhouettes, deer silhouettes, and chair silhouettes. My new line of paper products will include 8×10 archival prints, folding notecards, enclosure cards, and more!

I started out at Auburn University as a Graphic Design but just like a typical artist, I got sidetracked. Ceramics and Painting stole my attention and I ended up getting a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and Painting. I absolutely love graphic design and sort of half-wish I had double majored. I’ve done a little bit of freelance work for some local musicians and for church but I have never done anything just for myself!

So here’s some examples of what I’ll be selling.

4.25 x 5.5 Folded Notecards (Blank on the Inside) Printed on Bright White Premium Paper

 8×10 Archival Prints on Premium Matte Paper

Go to www.theswanart.etsy.com to shop now!

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 Here’s the article in The Shelby News Section of the Birmingham News. “The Art of Parenthood” by Veronica Kennedy. Published Wednesday, November 16th, 2011. Read it online here.

Here’s a close up:

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Veronica Kennedy, a writer for The Birmingham News, has composed a wonderful article featuring the story of my paintings on NBC’s Parenthood!

If you missed it, it’ll be printed again in the following Wednesday’s paper in The Shelby News section. I hope you enjoy!

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